CSE598 Quantum computation

Spring 2021, Arizona State University
Class meetings: TBA
Instructor: Zilin Jiang

Course description

An introduction to quantum computation from the perspective of theoretic computer science. Topics include quantum algorithms, quantum error correction, and quantum information. This course will give you the knowledge to understand why quantum computers, if ever built, would search unwieldy databases or factor large numbers — including, importantly, those used in encryption. We anticipate the course will be of interest to students working in computer science, mathematics, or physics.

Prerequisites: A strong undergraduate background in linear algebra, discrete probability, and theory of computation. No background in physics is required.

Resources: No official textbook. The book that most closely matches the course is Quantum computer science: an introduction by Mermin.


6 assignments worth 15% each, and participation (including scribing notes) for the remaining 10%.


Submissions must be typed in LaTeX. All steps should be justified. You are strongly encouraged to do as much homework as possible individually; you will gain the most of out the course this way.

Sources and collaboration policy. Collaboration and use of external sources are permitted, but must be fully acknowledged and cited. Collaboration may involve only discussion; all the writing must be done individually. Failure to do so will be treated as cheating.

Late policy. The homework must be submitted by end of the day it is due. For each hour that it is late, the assignment grade will be reduced by 5%.

Schedule (TBA)